Some people while in a prayer houses will be informed they are been disturbed by a spiritual wife or husband. Haven heard about it, he and the pastor would rush into conclusion calling it an evil spirit. Next is to start abracadabra prayers, casting and loosing to no avail – otu abụghị n’ezi. The pastor will be blowing the microphone making noise like a lunatic, the congregation belief deliverance is taken place: to no avail _ otu abụghị n’ezi.
Kill her, the pastor said.
Let her die and leave.
I asked, how possible? Is it possible I ask?
Can you kill a spirit?
Have you heard or seen where one killed a spirit if not in the church where they kill spirit with mouth and microphone, yet things remains same and sometimes get worse yet?
Now listen, let me teach you wisdom: saying the truth because truth is life _ eziokwu bụ ndụ. This is why it set the captive free. The moment you know the truth. The truth you know must surely set you free.
As a human being, use event as seen in the land of the living to judge event as seen in the spiritual realm.
Sometimes, as it’s here on earth, so it’s in the realm of spirit
As its in the spiritual realms so it’s in the physical plane.
Take for example you see a woman and engaged to her as a young man.
After some while, both of you happen to marry happily. Marriage you must remember comes upon an agreement between two opposite parties. Now, after a while, you travel to another space for a mission, another destination where you now find comfort. If you forget calling to say hi to the wife, how will she feel?
What if you are not calling or have lost contact, passion for her and she kept looking after you?
Haven gotten to reach out to you, you pretend not knowing her and denied haven nothing to do with her.
No matter what she does, you kept pushing her away and ignore all signs and signals. What do you expect the woman to do?
Would you not do anything mad if you were in her shoes?
Of course you will!
If you can as a legitimate wife, you are not against the law if you must suffer him anyhow without wasting his life.

This is what happens between those who got married to mariners before earthly visit. Stop been fooled by Christians and their ignorant teachings.
They are spiritual ignorant. All of them whom you call man of God are ofeke in spiritual matters. They are ignorant about spiritual affairs. They are pretenders and deceivers. The reason you must be careful about their false teachings.
They only shout and make noise like lunatic. They only know how to make noise not knowing that our spiritual engagement asked for quietness, peace of mind and solitude. The very moment they should spent with wisdom are given for selfishness. The reason wisdom is far seen from them. They lack truth. They know nothing about spirituality and wisdom.
Pastors are ofeke (fools) when it comes to spiritual matters. They know absolute nothing as e dey happen in the realm of spirits. They know nothing but go on deceiving people. They must pay the prize at the end of it all. It’s written, you shall reap what you sowed. That’s to say, you shall reap deception as a deceiver.
For crying out loud, this people are not deceiving animals. They are deceiving human being.
The image of the gods.
Turning black what nature has made to be white for their selfish interests.
Causing disunity, hatred, disaster between nature and mankind, bridging the gap between spirits and mankind.
Why people suffer today!
They must reap what they sowed at the end of it all.
Wisdom shall judge them!
So what is the remedy?
this is what a spiritualist will help you do. He/she will first engage you on a spiritual consultation to know if truly you are a mariner perhaps the cause of your problems and encounter. Because it’s not necessarily mariners who encounter spiritual wives. A witch can as well manifest herself as a spiritual wife to cause ruin to someone’s life.
Nevertheless, If you are and it happens that you are suffering as a result of spiritual wife/husband, the spiritualist shall consult further, knowing what must be done.
It’s then the wife/husband will have to name his or her prize owing to your position, agreement and periodic in the marine. Hence all mariners doesn’t share same position and agreement are differently. Upon this information, he get to inform you about what to be done. No matter what, it must involve a sacrifice!
We call it marine ritual settlement – ịkwa ibu mmiri nye ndị ọgbọ na uke.
During this sacrifices you have to accept him or her back.
We call it ‘ịkwa ibu udo na abụghị ibu nkewa’ a sacrifice for peace not separation.
When properly done, he/she will assist you in all aspects of life been in union. That’s the reason for sect (i di n’otu ndị mmiri).
Odogwuakataaka: That’s to say if he is good to go. Should he/she is wicked, so jealous. We e plead him or her to accept some things which he refused. If he do, good.
If not, we can then upon ọfọ na ogu talk about separation.
This you must know asked for wisdom hence his/her stubbornness might be as a result of her workforce, duty, services to deliver.
Do you know that these mariners (marine husband and wife’s) are destiny helpers? The very reason they are sometimes filled with jealous and must be treated with caution otherwise one’s life and destiny are placed on danger zone at the cost of services in the name of deliverance. Many are suffering this today!
Know whom you run to at the cost of spiritual matters.

: A spirit such as marine wife/husband might proof stubborn owing to agreement reached before your earthly coming. When we come across such like spirit person’s, we plead with him /her to allow you enjoy your earthly life as you wish. Remember, all these are done upon agreement, I as a priest stand to negotiate this as a third party upon ritual sacrifices. It’s not a thing we do by force as seen in the churches. Shouting with a microphone to draw attention of the people, proving how much we can speak in tongues and grammars. It’s never done that way for your safety, success, happiness and longevity.
Because it’s not all about today but tomorrow: the case must be handled with care.
This is the very reason igbo adage says ‘oké dibịa gbaa àjà, ọ dịka ewere nyee ndị mmụọ n’aka’ when a great/experienced priest performed ritual exercise, it looks like the items was given hand to hand to the spirits.
The result remains positive, settling all matters and causing light on one’s path.

If you must work on spiritual ignorance to disintegrate what shouldn’t be disintegrated, the subject (human) must suffer the penalty.
One true information people lack in spiritual matters remains the fact that spirits are not at lost (loosing end) in any matter as it involve humanity. The reason you must be careful and stop playing with your spiritual life.
Haven known these, I have to state it finally that spiritual husband and wife are not evil.
If they are, that’s to say you are evil also hence you are a mariner. If you are not a mariner, you can’t get married to a mariner as a wife or husband. The difference between you and him /her is only that you had the opportunity to exist on earth as a human being after pre-existence as a mariner in waters.
The lineage continues as you bear forth children on earth: especially, a case whereby you are a mariner and your earthly husband/wife is also a mariner, all your earthly children shall be mariners.
It’s divine
It’s a nature mandate!
It’s written and can’t be changed.
You can’t change what nature has caused to be neither will you condemn it.
Who are you to judge?
Do you judge upon wisdom or ignorant?
Who are you to condemned what nature has made to be?
How many years do you have to exist here on earth?
How many years do you think these matter have lasted, involving billions of people born and yet to be born?
Is it why you are here?
All these are meant for pastors to answer.
People who dwelt on ignorant, causing ruin to people’s life and destiny.
Sending people to early graves and are happy doing that hence it put food on their table.
Judgement await us all!
Ife onye metere, o weere isi ya buru (evil men do, leave with them and after them).
Wise man think and talk about tomorrow, a fool (ofeke) talk about today.
Today has only but 24hours in it, tomorrow is indefinite.
Don’t be deceived!

Why do you have a spiritual husband or wife :the truth none has told you 


Your chi is a spirit.
To know a spirit ask for a spiritual knowledge. Understand, nothing happens to anyone without his chi knowing about it.
Your chi is your guardian angel which was ordained, given to you as a helper from your realm of origin before you earthly coming.

This is why the wise says, Chi abughi otu – our guardian spirits aren’t same.
Your chi is not my chi.
My chi is not your chi.

Therefore, if I should say, this is what I did to become rich, go and do it: I am deceiving you.

If I should say this is what Chika did to become rich, go and do it: I am deceiving you.

What another man did to survive might fail another.
This is why you see successful men and women in all walks of life.

Those who know their chi survive where their destiny are. This is why you must know your chi for success and progress, for fulfilment and happiness.
Not pursuing degrees and diploma when you should be trading in your destiny.

It’s good to go to school and have high degrees but then watch as you leap. The watchword is your chi.
Know your chi!

When you do by instituting the temple, don’t be ashamed to keep it where it draws enough energy for you. This is spirituality an should not be joked with. A lot of people humble with things important in spiritual practices and have to turn back, blaming another for their ignorance and failure. Spirituality and its practices asked for sound Knowledge which brings about the boldness. Why all true spiritual practitioners are as bold as a lion. Doing the right thing at the right time, refusing to look at another. Thus our spiritual engagement as led for you and yourself and we. This is why we asked you mind yourself in your spiritual practices.

Have you been to any Indian office within the country? Here in Nigeria and anywhere you find Indian in the world?
What do you see at the entrance of their factory and offices? What do you see in their offices and workplace?

Chi bu uzo is person’s name in Igbo.
Whatever you do in life, you chi first. Chibuzo!

Emekwala ihere (okwu ndụmọdụ) don’t be ashamed in your spiritual practices (word of counselling).
Be a man, be a woman!
I’m all, be a human being!!
Human was created differently and each and everyone of us was not created equal.
Mind yourself!

When we talk about sacrifices, we aren’t asking you to make sacrifices to that which you don’t know perhaps have affiliate with rather we ask you to make sacrifices to that which you know.
Chi bu ugo!

You understand the name?
This is why occult knowledge last eternity.

When you join a fraternity, the first ritual step taken has to do with establishing a connection with you and your chi.

Knowing that your chi is the first in your life
Chi nwata kwe!
Chi nwata kwete, aku abata _ It’s when your chi accept that riches have to come in.

Otherwise, no amount of juju done in ogun, ogoni, oguta and ogunke would work for you

When your chi got appease through rituals, you can invite other deities for the sole purpose (owing to one’s desire).

Upon their arrival, you have desired result hence your chi is in peace with you.
To prove how strong our individual chi is , no amount of juju you did without appeasement to your chi that will have success.
This is spirituality!

It’s then you see and understand that all spirits work together for one’s purpose in accordance to one’s Chi.That’s what we are saying here!

When you appease your chi through rituals. Telling him that you have come to know him as he knows you.

That as from today onwards, you are to do him good, make him feel good and happy. Asking him to reciprocate


Difference between your guardian angel and your reincanator

There’s this misinformation, misguiding that we often get from said spiritualist upon spiritual consultation which I have to state clear right now.

This misinformation has been on for only lord know how long. Leaving people in confused state. It has to do with Chi ụwa and Onye ụwa (your spirit guard and your Reincarnator).

Often do spiritualists with little spiritual information make people understand that your onye ụwa is your chi ụwa.

Often do people assume that their chi ụwa is same as their ònye ụwa. This is where services of a truth sayer is highly required. A truth sayer is different from a spiritualist hence not all spiritualists are truth sayers.

A truth sayer is a person who knows the truth and often says the truth he knows and at the same time defends the truth he knows.

It’s true that to know the truth, you must become spiritually enlightened thus it is spirit that giveth wisdom. Without wisdom, none could have access to the truth

This is why all true spiritualists know the truth but few are truth sayers.

Back to the issue of the moment, onye ụwa and chi ụwa.

Your chi edu m ụwa we have discussed in details. At this period, no old member of light house of wisdom can get confused over who is chi ụwa mmadụ – one’s spirit guard. But onye ụwa we haven’t discussed in details.

For more information on chi ụwa, click to read

What is Chi And Who is Your Chi (Spirits/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)?

Now to know your onye ụwa _ your reincarnator.

Last night we discussed about the ancestors, who they are.

Having known much about the ancestors reading from our discussions last night, would help this very discussion this morning. Angels guide.

While discussing the ancestors last night, you were made to understand that your ancestors are people who shared lineage with you. They are our dead parents _forefathers. The great grand father, the great grand grand fathers, the great grand grand grand ……… Are the ancestors.
Truth never lies!

This is why we must keep saying the truth no matter what happens, maka gịnị? Eziokwu bụ ndụ _ because truth is life.

In one of our discussions, you were made to understand that humans are spirits reincarnate. Everyone as seen here on earth today, yesterday and tomorrow got originated and reincarnated from a kingdom in the realm of spirits.

We are here on earth to help services. It’s as a result of this true nature call that we have different destinies.

These destinies are what we know as divine gift of nature to humanity. It is for services to nature. Thus I always say given back to nature what nature has given to us. As simple as that!!

We are called to serve and that is why we are here here on earth.
It’s as a result of this service and destiny given to us that some are herbalists (dibia mkpa akwụkwọ), Root Workers(dibia mgbọrọgwụ), Priests (ndị nchụàjà), some have passion for sowing cloths and we call them tailors, some have passion for singing, we call them singers (musicians), some have comic characters, we call them comedians, some have passion for electronics etc.

Now, this passion as I used here has to do with your destiny. I have to review this hence good number of you find it impossible to know and acknowledge your destinies. Hereby suffering today!

It’s that which is deposited in you that your spirit often seek for. A child who follows his passion ends up becoming a super star.

Giving up is like giving up your life and purposes. This passion is a clear way by which our destinies are reviewed to us.

This is why without knowing what is law, you ask a pupil what he would want to become as he grows up. He soundly answers saying” I wish to become a doctor when I grow up”

Ask him/her one million times night and day, if she keeps saying same thing without mixing words, train him to become a doctor as he often proclaims.
The reason has to do with the pure spirit which is still in him/her.

Remember at this very stage we talk about the child is still a virgin. That’s to say, he still lives in purity. Don’t neglect what he says, it has spirit supports.

When one is sent for a purpose to take care of things created, as a messenger, we now come here to do the work assigned to us. When we arrive here on earth. We must come through a family lineage.

This is when one would be born into family of Eke or Nkwọ. They say, he is a son of Okorie and Amaka.
As he grows, his chi guards him for the true mission for which he was born.

Hope you are following? Your chi guides you_Chi onye edube ya ije na ụwa ya. Our people would say, chi gị dube gị _ may your angel guide you!

This chi is whom we made you understand earlier that he is a spirit that is assigned to you in the realm of spirits to help lead you in the world as well as helping your destiny to manifest.

As your chi leads, it’s this chi who now teaches you how to make designs.


This is when you may have grown up, having interest on sewing (as a tailor).

Sitting, sleeping, walking on the road, you often come up with thoughts to create designs. When you sit down, you think deep over the pattern. When you may have drawn it, you begin to create the design on your sewing machine. Upon perfection, people see it and have to appreciate the style. They place demands.

You have so many works to do for the people. After some while, you will be known as a good designer, a professional designer. This is when our peoples would say, chi onye etube ya ugo.

Those who have passion for football, entertainment go on doing their best. Coming up with different dancing styles.

As a dancer, when you sleep, your chi shall lead you to a realm where you see different dancing styles. Sometimes you practice with them.

When you wake up, you remember the dream and wish to repeat same dance style.
When you did, you became perfect and people learn from you.

Asị na gị buputara egwu ọfụ. That Okeke or Mgbeke has a new dance style. Hearing this, the people, congregation would summon you to come and dance perhaps with your group.

You honor their invitation. Your coming would be like coming of new moon. Everyone would want to see you dance as a good dancer. They have to cheer you up.

As many as possible gift shall be given to you. People enjoy, have fun and be happy for being a human. These are reasons each and every one of us is here today. To help in one different way and another. The reason we keep praying, saying: live and let’s live (egbe bere ugo bere).

Its your destiny that shall make you great and wealthy upon angels guide.
It’s the gift of a man that makes him rich.

Another who has gift of singing shall as well be guided by his chi.

To so many realms he shall be taken to learn how to sing and how to make chorus. When he attend, he listen to them and have to join them sing most times out to physical world. Sometimes you wake up seeing yourself singing and wish to continue with the song. The more you sing, the more the vibrations!

You now balance them with stanzas. Sometimes you sing to the hearing of your mother or a close friend who listened as you sleep and sing. When you woke up, he may wish you continue only to find out you could not. Because the music was so good to hear, he may ask you to sing the song for him.
Seeing these happening, you know that you are in line with your destiny.

When such a person died, returning to his realm of origin. Because he perfected his earthly mission too well. The people and his people won’t stop crying for his death.

These are signs telling the gods that services of Onyebuchi is highly needed by the people.

It’s left for the gods to decide. Upon their decision, they could say, okay. Onyebuchi can’t return back to life having fulfilled his earthly mission but we have to send another spirit person to continue from where he stopped. He has to go through same lineage of Eke family.

When the spirits arrive through conception (birth).

The people rejoice that a child is born. As he grows, I Onyebuchi (the spirit and an ancestor) would be his onye ụwa _ his/her reincarnator.
I shall work with his chi edu m ụwa, making sure that the true mission is fulfilled. This is where your chi ụwa plays a different role from your onye ụwa.

Onye ụwa here could be the person who now appears often in dancing or singing competitions in an image of human being to show you a sign or protect you from danger (when an enemy attack). He is not your chi.

Onye ụwa is the person you often see in your dream, who often gives you advice, counsel and teaches you mystics: in human like. Not your chi edu m ụwa.

He is not your chi hence you can’t see chi. You can’t see a spirit.
But can see your onye ụwa.
You can see your onye ụwa with same image of his/her true earthly person. Ya bụ awụrụ mmadụ mbụ ya.

Chi onye doesn’t turn to human or put on humans image. Onye ụwa does!

Your onye ụwa, owing to the true purpose of your destiny often visits and watches over you. Knowing this truth is reason we are often ask where necessary to recognise them through sacrifices.

These ritual sacrifices are possible when he/she has a course to attend on your behalf but lack the powers (energy) to do so. They cry for blood sacrifices!

Remember when I thought us about sacrifices and powers of sacrifices. I made it clear to us that all spirits requires an energy for work just like humans.

And this energy they can’t get unless we give it unto them.

Humans and spirits have mutual relationship.
They are like left and right. They offer services together.

What humans are doing for the spirits are equal to what spirits are doing for humans.

This is why we are said to be prosperous, rich and wealthy knowing and practicing this true knowledge.

Aka nri kwọọcha aka ekpe, aka ekpe atụgharịa kwọọcha aka nri.
At a certain point of services, spirits that have services for us require sacrifices to help perfect their mission otherwise they would be restricted in the realm from doing so.

This is why those who know their being and practice the truth they know make a difference in their world

It’s not stupid when you see something offering cow to a deity.
It’s not as a result of too much money that we offer ram sacrifices.
It’s not because you can buy a fowl or it’s too cheap that we use them for sacrifices.

When we talk about spiritual empowerment, one’s ability to empower his spirit talks about his greatness and great abundance. We talk about blood sacrifices!

As human drink water for energy to do work and food so spirits take blood for energy. Have you asked why spirits refused humans not to eat blood but flesh and bones of the animals?

Wisdom gives you life and comfort, happiness, riches and security. Get knowledge and understanding of the truth.

Truth is life _ eziokwu bụ ndụ. This is why you must know the truth and practice the truth you know

The truth you know and practice shall set you free from ignorant, poverty, scarcity, insecurity, and gives you all you deserve. This is why you must say thanks to the gods and goddesses.

None was created to suffer. We only suffer when we lack knowledge of the truth.
We only suffer not knowing what we should know.
Human are asked not to eat blood because blood is food and energy to the spirits.
These information reache you upon angels guide.

I have gone far in the realm of spirit, knowing the truth and can’t return a failure. Its impossible! I have gone too far

I know the truth, the truth I know makes me a difference man. The truth I know I make known to you so that you make a difference among your equals.

Shun ofeke maka na ofeke ajọka. Nke bụ eziokwu.

Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ. More light on our paths as angels guide us all.

Spells to see visions


A pastor again!
All of pastor’s want to hear and see, providing people’s problems with solutions yet troubles and problems following you are greater than those who seek for your services

Christianity are reaping the truth they sold hence none is free and happy anyway. All of the pastors in christendom wish to hear and see to tell people as e dey happen yet they don’t care to see themselves first

How can you see me when you aren’t seeing yourself?
What is the possibility?

Because deception is the order of the day in christendom, none is safe. From the Bishop down to the floor members, none is safe.

Because they have despise wisdom, the world is no longer safe for them. Reasons for daily midnight prayers. Having no peace of mind

Sleepless night

If they see cockroach they scream and shout blood of Jesus. If they see spider, they shout and say its witchcraft. No peace for the ignorant

Now I tell you @cresonic

Even though you seek to see vision and hear sounds, these sound good for its good for one to hear from the gods perhaps to provide solutions

The request is not why am annoyed but then I am annoyed simply because the heart by which you sought for these are for selfishness

Do you now understand?

Take for instance, no true dibịa who seek to be dibia but forced to be dibia

This is why no dibia meet another dibịa asking for juju to enable him see or hear from the spirits upon spiritual consultation

Only these ofeke dibịa’s who are like the ofeke pastor’s could be seen getting different juju to help see and hear

No ọdịnala dibịa (traditional dibịa) or marine dibịa who can seek for power outside the ones given unto him for the purpose of truth

It’s the duty of ndị ichie ani who called you for services to offer you the tools, helping interactions. So that you hear as they speak and they too hear as you speak

So that you see whenever they show you and you they too sees whenever you point fingers

But then in christendom, you said Jesus is heaven and earth yet you can’t hear your names when it’s called by a spirit

You can’t even say a prayer the way it attract powers, forces for positive effects

Everything are done wrongfully. Ọ bụ onye ka unu na_aghọrị? Who are you people deceiving?

Do you know that a deceiver is as well deceiving himself?

Don’t you know? This is why, whenever you buried yourself by yourself, your fingers comes up

Seek wisdom first, every other thing shall be given unto you

By the help of the gods, their love and kindness, I isi mmiri Igbo nille has seen wisdom and was able to have handshake with her

This is why I have been proving to be wise before men and women, human and spirits

I have many ways to help the just to gain whatever they seek in life

You asked about a leaf for hearing of sound but then 8 shall tell you about a leaf for vision

here is a leaf which we call ibirisi anya mmụọ. Its the first leaf that comes in a season and first to go in a season

That’s to say this leaf comes after a period of dry season, as soon as the first rain falls in a year. It comes first and has to return before rain stop falling (ending of raining season)

This is natural way for vision using the leaf for rituals

But then, are you in peace with your chi, realm of origin and every other possible forces surrounding your path?

Ofeke never care for these forces. This is why it’s impossible for an ofeke to attain greatness

Now, with this leaf you can see vision.

When you follow wisdom, you see that all men are gods and the women are the goddesses

Nothing is impossible

It’s one thing to see, another thing to stand what you saw and have so
und understanding

For ritual effects using the vision leaf, you shall get an ọba

Ọba is a calabash

Use 7 seeds of alligator to cleanse the calabash 7 times each in an hour

In each cleansing praying for a rain fall before next morning

When you are done at the last 7th hour, you take the calabash with both hands, keep on top stool

Exposing where a direct rain shall fall and enter inside the calabash

This is holy water people talk about

Water without corruption

I have told us earlier how Tuesday get holy water for healing and mystic works

Same applications are used here

When rain falls, after rain, collect the calabash along with the rain water, bring inside. Insert the vision leaf inside

You shall use every night to wash your face before bed till 7 nights

That’s to say, each night, after dinner and all activities, it’s the last thing you do before bed and after that, don’t worry talk or respond to anyone till day break

Get the ritual calabash, use to wash your face properly. Keep and sleep.

You can’t tell the experience all through the night

Now, in the morning. As you wake up, you can’t behold the sun no matter how far you tried

Starting from that morning till the 7th days, whosoever that sees you can’t behold your site

Those who has knowledge of the truth shall say that your eyes looks like a witch or wizard for it shall turn red and have to be painful more especially whenever the sun shine

For safety, you do better stay indoors all through the rituals

At the end of seven days, for permanent services. For it to serve till eternity, you shall look and get okwma and 7 times 7 pieces of mmụmụọnwa

Do you know what is mmụmụọnwa? There is an ant that blinks light at night

It sparks light which looks and shine so bright

I shall guide you on on how to swallow it with the okwuma for another seven days

These are natural ways of seeing in spirits upon angels guide without you haven anything like blood sacrifices

But then, it has to do with your chi and every other possible forces surrounding you for effectiveness unlike when you do juju

Juju is another way to get vision or sound owing to the sacrifices

These are the truth you must know.

At this juncture, I have to call it a day. More light on our path as angels guide us all. Iseee

All you need to know about oseoji and its uses 

Water and her spiritual symbolism

Water! Water! Water!!!
What do you know about water?
Water is what we see, touch and make use of on daily basis. A delightful powerful spirit that good number of earthly inhabitants do not recognize its spiritual existence because of her solemn nature and availability.
Do you know that water is a spirit? Have you been told?
I mean water!
Be it rain or sea water?
Water is water.
: Do you know that good number of human came from water, possessing water spirit?
How do you look at goddess of water whom they refer as mermaid?
Do you see her as an enemy or scary spirit? Have you seen goddess of water whom they called mermaid?
Do you believe in her existence?
What does her existence mean to you?
Do you know your spiritual origin?
Have you done a consultation to know your spiritual origin?
Where do you think you came from?
Spiritual knowledge, what you need to know about your being as a human being. The true knowledge that makes a difference
Anyway, here we are today talking about water. Something we must know, a hidden knowledge.
In my open lecture dated far back last month, I made us to understand that water was the first thing which existed.
It was there before creation. The only present and non created subject.
 How is water non created ?
: The Most High (God) created everything you see today except water. Water was in existence when everywhere was null and void.
Remember, Bible book of Genesis 1:2 said something. Are you a Bible student?
What does it say?
In the bible book of Genesis 1:2 we read: The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.
: Meaning water existed when the earth was void and formless. This is an eye opener. Thank you GM!
: The earth was formless and empty, (meaning nothing was at place)
and darkness covered the deep waters (telling you that something was in existence: (WATER and DARKNESS).
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. When GOD (the most high) appeared, his spirit was moving round about the water.
We may say in literary manner, RESEARCHING.
Isn’t it?
That’s why you are here!
I promise to take you all to places in the realm and unveil the hidden knowledge to you all. You must be different.
Angels guide!
: The problem we have in the society today is that those who were appointed to this great assignment came and lost direction.
When Prophet Hosea came and found ignorance at place, the Most High unveiled through him about the lack of spiritual knowledge in their midst Hosea 4:6 thus he said, my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. The knowledge is why I am here.
Still on water!!!!
Water has the potential, natural and supernatural ability, qualities and powers to heal, deliver and save, protect and promote life.
 is why you see all manner of ritual healings, sacrifices, done with and at river side with serious effect.
Odogwuakataaka: Talking about mermaid, what you must know!
A hidden truth.
 Upon the arrival of the Most High, he met with so many spirit bodies who were present and dwelt upon and inside water.
 He approached them with wisdom, good number of them were convinced and got charmed by his power. They surrendered to his authority while little or few refused to surrender.
There refusal wasn’t disobedience or ignorance but as a result of authority and superiority.
 He took those who believed him and they began creations.
 Those are the ones we know today as heavenly bodies.
The rest were not an enemy to the Almighty, thus they chose to remain the way they are and held their authority which was recognized by the Almighty.
In their midst we have what we have known today as mermaid.This is how good number of people got possessed by water spirit.
Immediately after birth, what was the first thing that your mother offered you?
 After wards, what comes next? Bath!
: Done with what? Water!
Odogwuakataaka: This is the two ways our earthly formation comes into transformations making us a subject of water spirits.
: Since water on her own is a Spirit, she took possessions of the being right immediately after birth.
: And this we should know and observe is not a bad omen as seen today.
: Earlier before demons and Lucifer descended, it called for no alarm as seen today thus all the spirits that possessed water were pure spirit but the arrival of Lucifer and his demons brought another image thus he fell on the ocean and took possession.
: Still on the formation, few human came on earth through water as representives.
One could ask, how possible?
Remember, we are talking about spirits here. They have the knowledge about how the Most High made human and knowledge of rebirth was not hidden from them.
: All human beings did not take place from one realm. In the realm are different kingdoms.
: That’s why you should becareful of people you see today and have a dealing with!
How does one know where he or she came from?
: Some came from a realm where animals rule and govern.
: Some came from realms where plants rule and govern.
: So some are from realm where stones rule and govern.
: So we have people from the water. All these we call representatives.
Spiritual consultations!
: Those who know where they came from at earlier age and started their earthly ministry as appointed unto them are the reason we see young stars today. Reasons we have young stars in our midst.
: To you, he is a child but spiritually, he knows himself.
: He had paid his dues therefore is allowed to flow and shine.
: No jupiter/force can hide him/her. You can’t contend with him because he is always with armies.
: The armies are what we ask you to invoke to triumph in all your endeavors.
: Still on water! More information reach you tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.
: Angels guide.

All you need to know about mariners

We are going to have a deep discussion on mariners to know who they are. This discussion is so important as it has to do with humanity and spirits. First of all, get to understand that water is a spirit. mmiri bụ mmụọ. This spirit was before creation as it was created by nothing but itself. That is to say, water existed on its own. Water conquered the universe when nothing was in place, before creation took place. Water was the first dwelling place of the spirits. All spirits dwelt on water body, in pool of darkness until the most high Chi Ukwu Okike, the great eze dibịa assembled all spirits bodies (on water) and made his intentions known to them.

One may ask, what was this intention? He said, I want to cause creation.
This intention didn’t go down too well to the belly of some spirits while others accepted to join the call for creation. Those who accepted he took and revealed his plans to them and they began.
Others were watching as creation took place until all things was perfected to his glory.

During creation he created a kingdom for himself where he called heaven. This is why after creation, instead of returning back to join the water spirits and dwell on water bodies he took abode in heaven alongside other spirits. Who are these spirits that sojourned him to heaven? They were spirits that helped during creation. Some of them he created and some existed prior to creation as said earlier.

The spirits that joined him to heaven he called ANGELS _ MMỤỌ INYEAKA/MMỤỌ OZI.
Others who refused to joined him to his heavenly kingdom even though they helped creation are all known as HOLY SPIRITS _ MMỤỌ NSỌ. Before creation, all divine entities agreed on how things are to function, given freedom for all creatures. This agreement is the reason no spirit should cease air at his will without approval of others. No spirit should cease sun without the knowledge and approval of others. Etc.

This government they left for nature!Spiritual union was so strong that none does anything without the approval of others. They employed wisdom in all their dealings for the purpose of eternity. Wisdom was their stronghold, councilor and mother of success. Wisdom was there right from the beginning and to the end of creation, making sure all things came to perfection. This truth human must know for they were created in the image of the gods. When all things was created and behold they looked and all was good and beautiful but none to look after them. He ‘chi ukwu okike’ called on them and said, let us make man in our own image. They agreed! In their great assembly he bent down as an artist, he drew an image on the ground. In their likeness the drawing took form, haven hands, legs, nose, mouth, head, belly, etc.

When he was done and behold it was perfectly drawn. He breathed life into the nostril and there was a vibration. The image vibrated and the earth took form of a man and he stood up fit before them. They all rejoiced and he called him Adam _ nwoke mbụ (because he took form of male – he was like the gods).He took him to a beautiful garden where he was given the space to name all animals created. From time to time he do visit the man (Adam) for fun and pleasure. During these period of visit, the commissioner renders account of the day to him and stand to gain directives from the master.

Until one day he chi ukwu okike has a reason to find a helper for Adam whom he said can’t be left alone.
How did he know? There was no intention for another creation like the man (Adam) until he (Adam) founds no companion among all animals (created). This the great eze dibịa, chi ukwu Okike saw that made him cause sleep to the man (Adam). He took a rib from his body and closed the part, used it to form another person. When Adam woke up from sleep and saw her, he rejoiced and said, this is from me, my rib. She shall be called Eve _ Nwanyị mbụ.

Human creation right from the day of creation is full of mystery. Seeing the possibility, the gods found pleasure sending messengers from different realms/kingdoms to the world. These messengers when they visit, take formation of humans through birth and otherwise. Its well understood that not all who live today and have lived where born while some and greater percent was born. So many realms/kingdoms like marine kingdom sent so many messengers in the world. Many came from heaven too: born and unborn.These are people who made our world today in person and are humans. True information that made our world and human race a mystery. While this messengers are of great importance is to help true purpose for creation, which is growth and eternity. The world, earth is a field that deserve labourers.

Adam was created for life eternity like the gods, but this eternity was left for a merit not for granted. Do understand, spirits never give to one anything one do not deserve. When he (Adam) was placed on the garden where he has all things, among the plant trees in the garden are fruits of knowledge of good and evil.

One may ask why the first man was placed on trier?  The reason is to help prove himself worthy for life eternity. Creation itself wasn’t easy, the reason it lasted for days and still count. The guardian been the man must prove his worth to see if he deserve eternity. If he was not tested, leaving with fruits of knowledge of good and evil, there is no how to prove his fidelity that warrant his life eternity: thus he was tested!

Lucifer a wise angel wished rulership. All the spirits has seen the future hence in the realm of spirit, there is no secret. He (Lucifer) then set for the man. To do this, asked for wisdom. He lost the ability to come direct to the man and the woman in person for the fear of his greatness. Man is higher, greater than the angels. Knowing this, he (Lucifer) sought for the services of human pet. Among consultants, serpent was approved.

Serpent has a sweet tongue, one of the most wisest of all animals. Very crafty and smart. He (Lucifer) never wanted another angel to know his intentions for the fear of unknown, he consulted the serpent. Serpent, seeing and hearing from higher being lost the sense of refusal even though he could. He perfected the mission and Eve was deceived to eat the fruit which was forbidden.

Eve wasn’t ignorant of the fruit reading from her questions, but was curious over knowledge. Serpent lied to her, disguising the truth which is death penalty as attached to the fruit which was proclaimed by the great eze dibịa, chi ukwu okike. The moment she was deceived not to die but to get wider knowledge over the activities of the world, she was glad and has to pluck the fruit and ate.
Tested and seen that she didn’t die instantly, she kept remainder for Adam. Other immorality took place at same time which we shall talk later. Seed of the immorality led to the first human killing on earth, where earth goddess cried for revenge unto the gods (to be discussed next time).

While he (Adam) returns from the field, Eve was happy, behold she introduced the fruit to him. Looking at her eyes, he lost consciousness from what appears to be love (charm).
The most high, great eze dibịa came at his will, own time and has to pass judgement. The judgement is the true reason human has to die today.

This incident created an open space to powers and principalities, every kingdom had good reason to send messengers on earth. It was out of his control. His first creation disappointed him. Now he has to permit other divine entities to prove their worth hence there are lots to do on earth. Labourers are needed in great number.

Egypt was the land of the gods filled with different messengers in human and spirit form. The most high gave permission to the mysterious development and it was so. All water run to the sea but river nile. Egypt witnessed the first development, ruler ship, commerce and industrialization. Setting a space for humanity and universe where others stood to learn and grow in knowledge of craft, arithmetic, writing etc. It took lesser years for humans to fill the surface of the earth to the glory of the gods and goddesses.

Today, many are proud to identify themselves as marine daughters and marine son. This true identification is necessary thus Christ gave approval to it during his earthly ministry. When he came to pay the prize for eternity with his blood, he identify himself as a heavenly being. He said, I know where I come from. I am not of this world and the world knows. Who are the world he was referring to?

Marine kingdom controls the activities as seen here on earth and has greater citizens. Even though they aren’t in contest with anyone but to the glory of the gods, making sure life continues.
We (mariners) own the world and rule the earth. Its our world and this is why we are here. We are not here by mistake says the water. Before creation was the water, after creation remains the water. The very reason water has no enemy.Those who make themselves enemies to water meet untimely death. They has to experience disaster on earth. When Christ came, before he began to identify himself to the world and his people for the purpose of his earthly coming, he first visit mariners.It was the second time a voice was heard from heaven by the earthly inhabitants. The first was the period Lucifer lost his fight and descended from heaven alongside his cohorts. A voice said, Wow to the world for the enemy has come to them. The second was after John got Christ immersed in water. The voice said, this is my only begotten son, to whom am pleased. Hear his voice!

This voice came the moment water bodies gave approval to the divine mission which stand to redeem the eternity lost ignorantly by the first man and woman. Reading front this true event, how will one say that water is evil and evil spirits dwells in the water?

I took time to bring out the true information as it has to do with humanity and the spirits so that the wise grows in wisdom and the fool become more foolish. Don’t preach or discuss spirituality lacking true knowledge. The world and activities as seen in the world are full of mysteries. Human are controlled spiritually so the activities as seen in the world today. This is why we require to know the truth, get knowledge and wisdom. Avoid been deceived and work with the wise.

Get to know your being as a human being and when you do, don’t run away from your shadow. We have a reason why we came on earth and this mission is greater than your imagination and likes. The beginning of life is wisdom. Because wisdom teaches you the way, the truth and gives you life. One with wisdom is a nation!

He stands tall above his Equals and shall do exploit. Wisdom as seen in the beginning continues till the end. The very reason a wise man knows no sorrow. Religion has dealt with mankind immensely. It’s high time we refuse religious doctrines to accept the truth. Religion are doctrine of men which lacks lords provision, If religion are accepted before the supreme being , why is it that there’s no temple in heaven where Christ came from?

Be wise to save your soul from condemnation!

More light on our path as angels guide us all!!



There are many ways by which you can know if you are a mariner. We have hitherto discussed this topic earlier but can’t tell if it was posted online or not. Nevertheless, I wish to throw more light on the subject matter once again.

There are many ways you can get to know if you are a mariner or not even without consulting a spiritualist or anyone for that matter.

One of the ways is through dreams.

First, get to know that everyone dream dreams. Even when some claims that they do not dream dreams because of their spiritual bearing. Everyone dreams but some cannot recall or understand their dreams when they wake up because of their spiritual lethagy.

To such person(s), dreams does not exist.

However, dreams are true events which convey our spiritual connections as spirit beings.

Now, to know if you are a mariner without visiting a spiritualist. Recall your dreams to see if you often see yourself swimming in the dreams.
Have you dreamt of Making love(sex) to an unknown face or familiar face 
Have you dreamt of being chased by a snake or dog 
Have you dream of seeing River or any water pool 
Have you woke up and noticed your self wet (sperm) when you wake up 
Do you often or have you ever dreamt where you were in a boat with other unfamiliar faces?

Most often you saw yourself fly in a relatively high speed in water body.

But before you see such, it simply means you are in good tune with your mariners. Your path is clear. No hold on a minute!
Do you  see your safe making love (sex) with a familiar or unfamiliar face 
Do you dream of a snake pursuing you 
Do you dream of a dog pursuing you
,Do you dream of seeing River or any River creature

Do you often dream playing with unfamiliar faces beside, above or beneath waters? This is another means of identification.

Thirdly, another way to identify a mariner is their feelings and reactions towards marine and water bodies.
Those of you who are mariners knowingly and unknowingly feel at ease with marine; you always have passion visiting, sitting beside waters. Always feel relatively comfortable in a pool of water. Even when the reasons are beyond your imagination and explanation.

Swimming is another way of identification:
Just like fishes have pleasure swimming so you do every time. And each time you do, you always feel renewed. Have great joy, special that can’t be priced.

5. Dada
Dread hair is one of the visible signs telling our marine involvement as a mariner. Those of you who were born Dread are mariners. You may ask your parents to tell you if you were one or a spiritualist

Haven said the list, it’s not as if all mariners enjoy swimming hence your marine environment doesn’t guaranty your ability to swim. That’s to say, some mariners fear to swim or even to come near waters. Coming to this, I will tell what led to it.

Our spiritual ignorance is one of the most important factor that makes it possible for a mariner to have fear of unknown to water bodies. It’s like when a child does wrong to the parents, next he began to keep distant from home. Call him to enter the house, he won’t agree but chooses to remain outside even when he /she is not comfortable been outside. This is what happens to us when we aren’t in peace and unity with mariners regardless our true being as a mariner

This is why some of you who are mariners often fear, going to the river, swimming and staying by the side of the river all alone. The moment this bond is broken, peace settlement takes place, true information are given, you find out that water doesn’t have to swallow a fish – ama ka mmiri bụ osimiri, ọ naghị elo azụ

Instead water will swallow true mariner, who is in peace and unity with mariners, haven wronged none and owes none: they keep you away should you fall ignorantly inside water. Do you know that water is a true ọfọ?

Before water swallow any human be he a mariner or not, he must have hold ọfọ for him or her. Otherwise, the body reject you and throw you outside. Many are false information passed to the people against water bodies which I do laugh hearing them.

Sometimes they said, someone got drowned by the river, ocean or sea. Do you know that water is harmless to creatures?
Do you know that water is a mother to creatures? Does a mother give birth to eat her child?
If not, how can we possibly say people are getting drown in the water if they are innocent? It’s not possible.

Anyone that got lost in the water, got drowned has offended nature and has to be taken away otherwise it’s not possible for a mother to eat her child as food no matter how hungry she might be.

To prove this further, many corpses of those who are drowned in the bodies of waters are never traceable. They are never found afterwards while other corpses are found after some days by the riversides.
Still, some other corpses are often seen floating on the river surface after some days. This a mystery.
I reiterate that water is a true ọfọ as I have hitherto stated.

Ọfọ is justice. Water is just, the very reason it serves as a tool of justice to creatures.
Nature has diverse ways of passing judgment, water bodies are one of the judges and one of the messengers that administer judgment. This is why they have to take you away from the physical world, held you hostage for some days or hours until you got cleared why you were captive. If your deeds warrant death, the spirit of death would be invited to perform his duty. 

Are your belongings like clothes, money... etc mysteriously missing?

 Do you sit down with your eyes wide open and suddenly burst into a frightful laugh?

 Do you have sudden urge to injure people or animal for no reason?

{Do you have frequent stomach pains?

Are you very scared of swimming?

 Do you sense the presence of another person with you that you cant see?

Do you hear your name being called without you seeing the caller?

Do you care very less of your life when you are angry?

 Do you murmur while you are asleep or does your lips move while you are asleep?

 Do you have a strange sleeping position?

 you dream of having intimacy?

Do you dream of eating?

 Do you dream of participating in strange meetings inside the river or sea? 

{Do you dream of having scaly body?

{ Do you dream of finding yourself in the midst of snakes?

Do you dream of finding yourself in the midst of fishes?

Do you dream of finding yourself in the midst of crocodiles?

Do you have weird dreams of masquerades?

} Do you dream and seeing scary river or sea creatures?

Do you dream and see your body shining?

Do you dream of somebody teaching you things?


                                          To know what marine settlement settles is to know what brought about marine settlement. This question is so important hence many don’t understand why we must make a marine settlement.
Now, understand that we make a settlement because there is a case. Isn’t it?
Without having a case, you won’t be sitting with anyone, human or spirit to discuss or talk about peace and unity among one another. It’s because there’s a case between a nation that the people have to gather and talk for peace and unity to coexist.
It’s only when there’s a case in the family that an outsider must come in to make peace for mother and son or sons and father.
Without a case, there will be no call for peace settlement. So, when we talk about marine ritual settlement, it’s because we human has gone contrary to the will of the spirits
Because I am a mariner or because you are a mariner, haven gone contrary to agreement done or had before your earthly existence, you must be punished. When this punishment takes effect, our world begins to turn upside down. We lose joy and happiness. We lose peace of mind, success and progress. We become poor and suffer in anything we put hands. We have no reason to live and feel life in us.
When you see these, the heat are coming from spirits who has assignment, works to do with us (helping our earthly mission).
When it’s found to be true, we plead for forgiveness. We ask them to forgive and seek for unity. We begin to negotiate, talk peace and have peace talk.
Ka agbaghara ma dịkwa n’otu na n’otú
Don’t mind what you are been told in the churches. When I said all pastors are fools in spiritual matters, I know what am talking about. This world where you are functions not by believe but by the truth. When you were taught to believe this and disbelief that, it’s deception hence that your belief or disbelief do not mean reality. Therefore, you must know what you should know. Know your world and how these things work.
If you are a mariner and been suffered as a result of mariners, that’s because you have something to do with them. If I should ask, who is a Nigerian living in Nigeria and has not gone or visited Japan that pays tithe to Japan government?
Is it possible?
I have not been to Jamaica, I didn’t marry a Jamaican and has nothing to do with Jamaica government, will they come after me to claim any right of ownership or whatsoever in our world today?
Is not possible!
Therefore, if you are been suffered as a mariner, its simply because you are a marine. Did you not say you are, or you were a Christian? The Christ you claimed you know came from heaven for a mission. He had never been disturbed by mariners hence he was not one of them.
He only had to take permission from them to help his earthly mission before hands. The very reason he begged John to immerse him with water.
When John refused, he insisted knowing that without water permit (without the permission of mariners) he could find it impossible to fulfil the mission on earth.
It’s because water body rule and control the activities of this world.
All that you see here on earth today comes from water. The great engineers and doctors. Great lawyers and Kings. All are mariners!
Those of you who are mariners knows what am taking about. You know that the finest and beautiful as seen on earth today first exist and come from water. This is why you have to feel the spirit of water to help your success on earth. They help life and longevity. Who lives on earth without water?
Life is not possible on earth without water. When you go for marine settlement, you have seen reason for the settlement. This reason excludes your sons and daughters as seen on ancestral course discussed earlier. Your marine settlement has to do with you and your marine people. Gị na ndị òtù mmiri, ọgbọ na uke!
When we plead them, they accept and cease operations, cease fire and turn to help our mission. When this is done, we begin to feel life and positive change.
Let me talk further on this. Because ignorant has dealt with mankind so much that many don’t know their left from their right. Your peace settlement with mariners doesn’t mean “you have nothing to do with them again”.
Just like some of you would think and say. I have done my marine settlement, I did it in 2004. I did it in 2010. I did it 3 years ago.
Ofeke ajoka!
Now, let me tell us what we should know being the truth. If you had gone for your marine ritual settlement and it was accepted because it’s not a must it has to be accepted pending who led you and your mindset (state of mind by which you visited). You shall keep fit rituals to help the light shining on your path. Haven said this, it’s ignorant you keep deceiving yourself assuming the ritual settlement done last year, last month or 2 years ago are enough to stay tuned. Not at all!
Our people would say, agwọwa nsị̀ ka o doo anya, onye osee ebula bata. That’s to say, when important matters are been discussed, let not be any room for confusion.
This is your life and your world, therefore, make it great. To achieve this, it calls for true knowledge of spirituality. Know what you should know and do what you should do.
Furthermore, in some cases, because of the deception, lies and falsehood told by the religious leaders: many minds are filled with corruption against the spirits.
This is why you see someone who agrees to make peace settlement with the mariners not because he need them as supposed but because he/she understands that such ritual assignments because it was said to be settlement asked for her freedom from marine world.
Now he/she has accepted, he took to heart that he has nothing to do with them again. Okay, the priest said all the items cost 30.000 naira.
Let me pay these evil spirits and be free from their torment: he says.
At least they leave me to get married and stop disturbing my peace: she keeps saying.
Have you seen a reason he/she accepts the exercise? The priest might be ignorant of your thought not the spirits. Because the spirits search the heart and knows our mind, this could lead to failure for the sacrifices.
Another thing which could led to rejection of marine ritual settlement no matter what was bought and brought before them and how it was done is the priest in charge. Therefore, you must be careful who lead you in spiritual matters. Many are called, few are chosen!
I have said it earlier in one of my discussion that mariners are most jealous even though all spirits are filled with jealousy.
Spirits are jealous!!
Mariners rarely accept from those who are not theirs. I don’t know why but this we found to be true and it happens. Perhaps they understand their perfect nature, having it all.
This is why it takes a marine priest /priestess for marine rituals. Some truthful priest would tell you the truth saying, go to Ọzọkwere agụ for marine ritual. I shall undertake the rest.
Though you may not understand and ask why. It is because he is not a mariner and have found out that his marine rituals have not been successful so far.
He has to stop for the good of the people and his safety hence its even dangerous for a true priest who is not a mariner to take a mariner to marine for ritual settlement or consult mariners to accept ritual sacrifices meant for a mariner.
It’s like Igbo tradition where we say that this person is osu. An osu is forbidden in the community on certain things which has to do with right of the son of the soil.
This is how mariners sees priest who aren’t mariners when they stand for a mariner on marine ritual settlement. Same is applicable to a marine priest that visit other realm for an assignment that has to do with someone from that realm.
So, when you visit a priest and he says, I don’t do this, don’t force him. He knows what he said. Don’t say he is a coward or a learner. He knows himself and his limitations more than you do.
Most people think been a dibịa means you will know all and do all things, forgetting that spirituality has to do with powers/knowledge of the truth. Without haven powers, backups, forces behind your mission, you are nobody and nothing.
You don’t pick up herbs and cause a healing. Forces behind your mission makes it possible, otherwise you find out that the herbs which you know causes healing now kills.
They could better use it in reverse to suffer, disgrace and humiliate you.
Ọ butere gị uke.
People now said and accused you of killing. You open your mouth in awe. Yes, you have good intentions of healing, but the result is in reverse. This is the very reason we consult them before taken off duty.
Institute your chi!
Your chi temple _ Okwu Chi is the first and starting point.
The guardian angel who was assigned to you. 


Now, our ancestors.

When we stay ancestors, they aren’t strangers neither are they forces unknown to us.
Not at all!
Ancestors: your ancestors as you may wish to know, they are your forefathers.
Those through whom your earthly mission are possible.
Those you share same lineage with.
Those who have earlier existed here on earth before your birth.
Those who has lived and died, through whom you come to exist.
They are your great grand fathers, your great grand grand fathers, your great grand grand grand……..fathers/mothers.
Whosoever that is alive is not an ancestor irrespective his old age or whatsoever but the dead.
Haven known these, one may ask, what is my relationship with the dead?
You know, just like the preacher would say NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE DEAD AND THE Living.
How truthful is this word and saying that, no relationship between the dead and the living?
Well, to answer this is to know the truth. To know the truth is to visit the land of the spirits. In the realm of spirit, truth is the keyword. Knowing this is trusting their information or information from spiritual world.
Going by the truth as we should, we find out that there’s a deep relationship which exist inbetween the dead and the living
To understand this better know that you who is alive today is a spirit.
Do you doubt the possibility of the truth as said?
Don’t doubt the truth thus truth never lie.
You are a spirit.
You can only understand this better the moment you fall asleep.
What happens then!
Your body lies waste while the spirits leaves the body. At this point, the spirit wander about in the universe and earth beyond.
As this happens, some one may come knocking at your door without you knowing.
Sometimes, someone come calling your names without you hearing.
In most cases, owing to events you met in the journey, you might be pushed and heat with heavy blow without you taken knowledge or responding.
Often times, the spirits wanders and sometimes faces great challenges that he has to finish judgement to help return.
Until this is done, he can’t return to the body.
This is where you see the difference between body and spirits. Understanding while the gods and goddesses are spirits and human are humans as said
The difference between is because, human possess flesh(body) and blood while the spirits beings (the gods and goddesses) doesn’t possess body (flesh) and blood.
This is why they remain invisible whereas human being are visible
When human body dies, the spirit left the body and has to return to the spirit world (probably his realm of incarnate, realm of origin ) while the body has to lie waste to the earth and get discomposed.
When this spirits returns where it comes from, it automatically rejoins the spirits beings as one of them. This is where we see the ancestors.
Because we (humans) are spirits and one with the spirits beings (living in the realm of spirit), we do consult them. When this is done, owing to our relationship with them, they can’t refuse to answer us
This is how we come to call our chi _ spirit guide, and he answers.
We call our realms of origin e.g marine world, they have to answer.
Same way we call our ancestors they will answer us.
He who says there is no spirit should check his mental health. Even the lunatic can’t question the possibility and true existence of the spirits beings.
Our ancestors plays a major role in our lives hence the lineage, blood relation and true representives. This is why the wise often pray them saying as
we represent you here on ea

rth, do well to represent us earth beyond. We mote it be!
Talking about the elders who has the great ability, sound judgement over humanity, they are the ancestors. This is why, after death, they are the ones to sit and judge us. They shall execute judgement
Most often, our enemies wished to send us to early grave, it’s our ancestors that do stand for us saying No.
When we got lost from our world to world unknown, by their infinite powers, they seek after us, led us back to the world with care and caution
This is where most of us got directed by an elder with strange or unfamiliar face when we got lost in the dream,
Our ancestors had never ceased to intercede for us helping our world even when we are ignorant of them. They do take care of us understanding that no matter the age, we are still children and their children.
If they allow us to be humiliated by a strange spirits, it’s shame unto them. Reason they could do anything to save us upon our ignorance
The wise remains a favorite before them and at their presence. Recognising them is wisdom.
This is why you must acknowledge them. Pray your ancestors as you pray your chi.
Knowing them and their great responsibility is wisdom.
How many of you do read the bible?
Do you have a Bible?
If you are a Bible student, you find out that in the bible, many times the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did wrong and ought to be punished. Adonai could look and remember his covenant with Jacob and shed his sword (against them).
Never despise your ancestor’s for they made it possible for your earthly existence.
Otherwise, who could have gave birth to you?
Could you have been born?
The love the gods has for you could be as a result of what your ancestors did. This is why, when they did good, the children reap from their good deeds. So it’s when they did evil, the children shall not go unpunished.
We say, you inherited curses from the evil of the ancient. And so it’s!
When they carefully, upon spirit guide institute a thing on the portion, been their inheritance. Be careful not to approach those things with ignorance
If you do, you find out that no matter how wise you think you are, you can’t be wiser than the gods and the ancestors. No strange power found in the universe will deliver you from their mighty hands.
Good number of the ancient (the ancestors) lived a holy life.
Only ofeke play with this world and activities as seen here on earth
It was as a result of their state of purity that earth gave support to all their deeds that we today feel the heat or reap the dividends. This is why, what they did millions and thousands of years ago are still and remains active till tomorrow
Give honor to whom honor is due. Don’t look at the ancient and said they were in dark age then. There was never a time in life when earth was dark for days if not at night after creation. How could you say, they lived in dark age?
Did you have different water if not same water they had?
Did you march or touch different earth if not same earth they took dwelling (before now) ?
That’s to say, before Abraham, Christ was born.
No matter how wise you are, you can’t be wiser than the ancestors
An apple does not fall far from its tree.
Knowing that water gives life asked you to drink water for life.
Knowing that the sun give luminary, asked you to see by the light of sunshine.
Knowing that your ancestors has a many role to play in your life and destiny, get to know them and draw too close to them.
May the gods and goddesses help to translate, transmit into us with best of our ability helping knowledge of the truth. These are my prayers for you. More light on your path as angels guide us all.

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What is Oseoji and where does it come from?

OSEOJI is a seed from a particular type of grass. That which produces oseoji is called oseoyo. It’s not a tree, but a grass.

When it’s freshly brought out from the ground, it’s wet and will have to be dried under the sun.  After drying under the sun, then it gets to look like it is now – pictures below.


Before opening oseoji, it has to be taken behind your back. The reason to break it open behind your back is because oseoji is a spirit, and like every spirit, it forbids certain things to remain effective.

This is why it shouldn’t be opened in your front. To open oseoji, take your two hands behind your back and use your fingers to break it open. After which, you now bring your hands to your front and then pour it into a plate, cup, etc for intended use or keep it like that depending on how you want to use it.

Oseoji forbids a lot of things. The reason for this is that so that it remains effective. Below are things that oseoji forbids, as well things that makes it more effective.

Never keep oseoji where a man or woman can cross over it, especially women. The reason for the emphasis on women is that most times they are menstruating, and this affects the effectiveness of oseoji. Therefore, you’ve to be careful where you store the oseoji.

Oseoji is good when stored on earth (sand). If you’re staying in a place where you’ve a tree in your home and you’re sure that no one will go to the tree anyhow, then you can drop it on the ground under the tree.

For those that stay in urban areas like the various cities, then you’ve to look for a particular type of stone to keep your oseoji on top of it. There is this type of stone that grows inside water. It has holes around it.

I believe you can buy this in most spiritual shops in the market. Ask of water stone with holes around it – pictures below.



When you get it, you can keep your oseoji on top of it after opening it pending usage.

If you can’t get the water stone, then look for a bottle that has cover. Make sure not to use anything that has stainless or iron. Rather a plastic or bottle container with a good cover will do. Then after opening the oseoji seed, bring your hand to your front and pour it inside, covering it tightly.

Whenever, you want to make use of it, open the container, take the number of seeds you need and cover it tightly afterwards.

Why all this carefulness about the oseoji seed? It’s because oseoji is a spirit – simple! So be careful how you open, store, and use it to ensure its effectiveness. If not, you’ll be praying with it not knowing that it’s useless and no longer effective due to how you opened or stored it.

Yes, we called it a fruit, because it’s a fruit. But the truth is that oseoji is a spirit. Every spirit has things that it forbids. There is no spirit today that doesn’t have things it forbids.

This is why it’s important to know the spirit you associate with, so you know what it eats and doesn’t eat, what it forbids and doesn’t forbid. Knowing this allows the spirit to serve you better.


The spirit, oseoji forbids a lot of things. They are as follows:

After praying with oseoji and circling four times around your head, be careful where you drop it. Be careful you do not drop it anywhere a woman will cross over it. This is because once a woman menstruating crosses over it, it renders it ineffective and all your prayers with it becomes useless.

Once the oseoji drops on the ground and toches the soil, it becomes a medicine. It communicates to earth (soil) your prayer intentions and they start working towards perfection of your prayer intentions.

As the breeze blows by, it interacts with earth, communicating your intentions as well and they carry it. It’s now effective because breeze blows everyday; in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo (4 market days).

As the air carries it, it transports it across the sun, the waters, the earth, the trees in the forest and the heavens. You now see what we do and the reason we do it. That message you sent with oseoji, you now see how it reaches the heavens – because when breeze comes, it blows off sand and everything on the ground.

You don’t know where it takes it to. All these things it carries and wherever it takes it to, all works together.

If it drops them on top of the leaves, the leaves show it to the sun. When the sun comes, it communicates to it that this is a message from earth, which the wind brought forth.

The sun now carries the message and communicates them to the waters, telling it all things being said and for them to start working towards perfection. You now see how all these things work together. How all the spirits are one.

So, whenever all these things are happening in the spirit and a woman crosses over the place where you dropped the oseoji anytime, be it in 2, 5- or 10-months’ time, all the ritual prayers begins to reverse. Therefore, be careful where you drop your oseoji after prayers.

Depending on your prayer intentions, it may not matter when a woman crosses over the oseoji seed if the prayer purpose have been achieved. Some prayers are meant to last for a long time, while others are for short periods.

For example, if you prayed for a new job and a woman crosses over the oseoji seed you dropped after you must have gotten the new job, then it doesn’t matter anymore because the intended intention for the prayers has been answered.

All in all, be careful where you drop your oseoji seed after prayers. If you drop it carelessly and a woman crosses over it, then your ritual prayer becomes ineffective without you even knowing it. If you stay in a fenced environment, it’s advised you drop it close to the fenced wall where it’s unlikely that anyone will cross over it.

Furthermore, another thing to know about oseoji is that we use it to say a lot of prayers, depending on the intended purposes. There is a type of prayer that will require you to count a specific number of oseoji seeds and hold it in your hands while saying the prayers. This can be anywhere from 1 seed to 21 seeds or more.

There is also a prayer that will require you to deep your hands and carry enough oseoji seeds in your hands without knowing the quantity. Some type of prayers will require you to hold the oseoji seeds in boths hands (right and left hand). Some will require you to blow off the oseoji seeds from hands after prayers.

All these depends on the type of prayers you’re saying with the oseoji. You should know that this is a spirit and we can’t say everything here at once as it all depends on Angel’s guide and it’s individual specific.

Still on the type of oseoji prayers. Some prayers will require you to chew and swallow the oseoji seeds after saying your prayers. This may not be easy should that be your case, but very important as it’s based on Angel’s guide. This will require a certain number of oseoji seeds and will be made known to you.

If it’s a prayer that you as a man you don’t know what is happening to you or you want to visit someone and don’t know anything about the individual from onset. What you need to do is count out eight seeds of oseoji. These eight seeds represent Mgbeke, Mgbafor, Mgborie, Mgbankwo, Okeke, Okorie, Okafor, and Okonkwo.

Do you know who these individuals are? Okeke is any man born on Eke market day. Okafo is any man born on Afo market day. Okorie is any man born on Orie market day. Okonkwo is any man born on Nkwo market day. Mgbeke is any  day. Mgborie is any woman born on Orie market day and Mgbankwo is any woman born on Nkwo market day.

Every person in this world is born on any of these market days. Any person that is not born on any of these days is not of this world then. These are four market days. After Eke market day, we have Orie, followed by Afo and then Nkwo. After which it starts all over again from Eke and keeps rotating. So every individual must fall into any of these days.

Therefore, if there is a prayer you’re saying and don’t know anything about the person you’re praying against, the eight seeds of oseoji represents every individual and spirit whatsoever. This type of prayer is said according to how the spirit directs.

There is a type of message we can’t give people to avoid making them foolish. That’s why at Light House of Wisdom, every member should be spiritually connected, because in certain situations the spirit will have to reveal to the person directly what needs to be done.

Some prayer types will require you to count out a certain number of oseoji seeds and then chew and swallow them after the prayers thereby retaining the powers within you. It can be 3 seeds, 7 seeds, 21 seeds or more depending on the prayer guide given.

Some will require you to chew the seeds and then splash them out, making your prayer request to go with the wind and the sun with a view to achieving its intended purpose.

Sometimes, it may require you to chew the seeds and then splash it out 4 times. At other situations 7 times, according to the prayer guide given.

There is also a type of oseoji prayer that will require you to chew the required number of oseoji seeds. After which, you then get a handful of gun powder and pour inside your mouth. Oseoji never embarks on a shameful journey and gunpowder never rejects fire. Picture of gunpowder below:

This means that your words will not be shameful words in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo; in the life of any man or woman; in the eyes of the spirits and human. That the words you say during your prayers will be effective in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo. And will never reject fire in the Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo; in the life of any man or woman; in the eyes of the spirits and human just like gunpowder never rejects fire.

So when you have both the oseoji and gunpowder in your mouth, you chew them together and blow it out. Depending on the type of prayer, it may require you to splash them out once, 4 times or 7 times. This is the medicine/charm/juju that you hear about.

You know, when people keep mentioning juju/charm, it looks like every individual that does it will have to visit dibia (a native doctor) to have it done – No! All these things show you that there are a lot of things created by the Most High and left at our disposal for usage.

You just have to get the required knowledge and become a champion in each respective field to make your life a success.

The thing is, when you know all these things, you become a champion on your own without requiring any additional help from the Grand Master. I don’t want a situation where someone will only be courageous when he/she remembers me.

I want a situation where you’ll be courageous because of the knowledge you got from me, Odogwuakataka! Because one day, I will not be there again. That’s why I bring out my time to impact this knowledge to you.


Oseoji Body Cleansing

When it comes to cleansing your body with oseoji, you’ve to make sure that the oseoji seed touches your body. Hold it in a way that the oseoji seed is exposed and clearly visible and, can be able to touch your whole body. Don’t cover it with your hand while holding it.

Why you ask? Because when the oseoji touches your body, it serves as a magnet and as such magnets all the negative energies in your body wherever the oseoji seed touches; from your toes to your arms and chest, which when you finish your prayer and throws the seed away, it carries all those things with it.

This is what is called cleansing, just like a snake sheds its skin to wear a new one. When you cleanse your body with oseoji, you shed off all the old bad energies to replace it with a new one, making your body holy and as fresh as new.

Even the Bible we read made us to understand that our body is holy. That holy temple being talked about is our body and nothing else. And anything that is holy doesn’t need corruption. There are several ways that the human body can be exposed to corruption.

That is why anybody that knows anything about the spirit know that he/she should cleanse his/her body with oseoji at least once in a day, preferably in the morning. You can do it any number of times during the day, but at least once in day. Why it’s important to be done in the morning is because morning is a new dawn. So you take it to start your day.

Remember, oseoji is a spirit and can do anything. Oseoji told us to send it on a message and to anywhere, that it will go and deliver the message for us. But that does not mean that someone will now come and say that oseoji prayer is the only prayer he/she knows and will be doing – No!

Everything worketh according to Angels guide and some ritual prayers will require oseoji in combination with other items.

May the Most High and his Angels guide us as we acquire this knowledge and put it into practice – Iseee!


Ritual Prayers With Oseoji

Oseoji has many uses as we explained above.

Buy OSEOJI that has many tiny seeds. Do not open it holding it before your front or face.  Take it behind your back and open it using your fingers. Then bring it forward and pour into a plate without black or red colours.

For Body Cleansing

Pick one seed from the plate. Hold it like this.  (See picture below to see how OSEOJI is held)

In between your thumb and finger. Use the exposed seed to touch your body. Make sure the seed is touching your body.  Start from your toes to your tummy, your hands, chest and forehead. Cycle around your head four times holding the OSEOJI in ANTI-CLOCK WISE (4 TIMES)  after which you throw it away.

Make sure you throw away the seed where no female would cross over.  If any woman crosses over it, the purpose is defeated.  It becomes useless.  Cleanse your body by declaring yourself clean and pure.  This you must affirm.

Repeat the above process with your left hand as well. This is to say that after cleansing your body with your right hand, you then perform the same exercise again using your left hand.

Also, you must clean your body immediately after having sex. This you would do by repeating the body cleansing rituals three times with three different seeds and throwing them away as directed.

Why cleanse your body after sex you ask?

Be wise, sex does not speak good in life of every individual no matter who you are.

In as much as we are permitted to have and enjoy sex, take note to understand that sex doesn’t speak good about your spiritual life: therefore, take heed. Therefore, to remain spiritually pure, cleanse your body with oseoji each time after sex using 3 seeds of oseoji.

It doesn’t matter if it’s with your husband or wife. Sex is sex. Yes it’s said our wife and our husband is our bone and our flesh. Truthfully it is, but then, sex is sex.

The moment you understand this is when you come in true exposition with the truth, having relationship with spirits, hearing from them and talking to them.

It’s upon Angels guide you understand that sex with your wife or husband is sex. So is sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are all sex

None talks good about your spiritual life and physical life to an extent.

Meanwhile, oseoji is not sex supporter therefore do not ask you to go on sleeping with dogs and goats, sheep and pythons. Be careful!


For Early Morning Prayer

Use seven seeds of OSEOJI if you have undergone any spiritual baths or rituals.  If not use only three seeds.

On bare feet, remember.

Pick the seeds and pour them into your mouth.  Do not chew them yet. Start your ritual (prayers). Start by thanking the MOST HIGH, the archangels, the angels, the gods and goddesses of the land and your ancestors for the gift of life.

Say your prayers. YOU ONLY KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS.  Affirm positively. Remember not to curse or call names. Do not shout for the gods and goddesses are not deaf. Only ask for your intentions. Be serious.

After saying your prayers, chew the seeds and swallow. It is peppering, yes.  But do it.

Remember to use ISEEEE not AMEN in all your ritual prayers.


For Protection

If you are embarking on a journey and you are not sure of your safety. Select seven (7) seeds of OSEOJI and put inside your pocket. It will protect you against poison or accident. On your return, immediately remove them and throw away.


To Curse Your Enemies

Equally, use 21seeds of OSEOJI to curse your enemies. Here be careful.  Select only 21 seeds.  No more no less. Hold them in your right palm. Thank the Most High, the angels, the gods and goddesses and your ancestors. Call on EKE, ORIE, AFO AND NKWO (4 known market days) to bear you witness.

Make sure your hands are pure for OSEOJI is unblemished. Do not call names. The gods and goddesses know your enemies. Do not shout.  Be focused. Pray to blind their eyes with which they monitor your life.

Pray to cause them dumb the mouth with which they use to evil against your progress. Pray to cripple them.  The legs with which they walk against your progress in life. Having done with your prayers, pour the seeds inside your mouth and chew all. Do not swallow. Rather Splash three times thus:

Splash to blind their eyes and never see you today as you go about your businesses.

Splash to block their mouths and ears causing them not to hear nor speak on your behalf.

Splash to cripple their legs so that they don’t work faster before you nor slowly behind your back.















bitter kola as you may like to know its spiritual significance is said to be highly anti poison.

We have not really done much teaching on bitter kola simply because our discussions in the house of wisdom where knowledge rules presently and previously are mainly on progressive path.

This is why it seems as if kola is more relevant than bitter kola in our ritual practices and teachings. But then, bitter kola works exceptional in spiritual practices.

However, take note that bitter kola doesn’t make appearance in any ritual that has to do with progress unlike what we have with a kolanut and others.

Anytime you see a spiritualist performing a ritual with bitter kola, it stands for negativity.
We use bitter kola for destruction of spells and other missions.
There are simple rituals you can perform with bitter kola. Knowledge that can save you from doom should you know. If you don’t know it, you suffer the penalty

Some of you, most times you see flies in good number flying and perching at your shop or office.
In normal circumstances, flies are only seen at a place where there are offensive odour, that’s to say, where something seems to be corrupted.

These are possible reasons for attraction.
Then ask yourself, why are flies at your shop or office?
It’s an obvious sign that something is wrong somewhere. Something is cooking. Ana_esiri gị ajọ nri, ite na mmụọ.
Ofeke never knew!

Watch your sales throughout the day and period of time. Watch your expenses and income. You see that expenses are greater than income. Watch your business transactions and customers reflection.
You must understand that something is wrong somewhere.
Bitter kola can do the wonder!

What you need to do is to look for a bitter kola, wash it properly not removing it’s husk (the back). Get 21 seeds of alligator pepper.

Insert the alligator seeds inside your mouth together with the bitter kola.
Chew them together, stand at the centre of your shop or office, facing the door post.

Affirm that whatsoever that has caused the invitation of the ugliness that makes vulture to visit and desire to eat live sheep (it’s an adage).
That you affirm it goes back to the sender and remain safe wherever it came from now and right now.
Splash seven times forward (facing the door post). Turn back and splash seven times.

You should continue this exercise till you experience positive changes. Have this secret for spiritual exercise. Reason good number of you are not making progressive changes in life has to do with spiritual ignorant. Your inability to know what you should know.
This brings about the reason for looking face. Looking at another person’s face when you should have mind your business knowing that it’s your life and your world.

This also brings about the inability to remain steadfast, intercede and stand firm with positive exercises for positive changes. Refusing to give up when you should not have given up.
Good number of you do give up so quick when you have not yet won a fight.
Get to know that spirits are stubborn.
Some spirits are as stubborn as some human.

This is why you need sound spiritual knowledge to overcome. Otherwise, you have no place to go at the course of your spiritual practices.

A ritual that deserves eight days ritual practices won’t be okay at four days.
Learn this truth and secret today! Just like the saying, a spirit that ask for seven never take six. Is as simple as that!

Therefore, don’t give up when you should keep fit. Make your zone a military zone. Military zone is known for no-go-area.

Don’t give room for spiritual attack in your life this is why you must keep fit rituals. Avoid shame.
It will lead you no where
Eh they will say!
Eh he will say!! What if they say? What if he said?

You will die abi?
Get knowledge and understanding.
Some of you are going to church today not because church pays, this you know. You are aware that church is not helping you but then you are there

because their ways of prayers look civilized.
You are there because you don’t want anybody to say that you are a heathen.

These are reasons why people are deceiving themselves assuming they are doing someone else. Someone called me sometime ago and said, he came to his shop and behold there are something robbed on the keypad. I observed what it’s. A very dangerous spell.

I asked him to go and look for a native egg, salt, oil and pick up little volume of earth in front of the shop or within the market premises.
I told him what to say and how to make use of the ritual items then break the ritual egg on the padlock then go back home and return the following day to open the shop with left hand.

He asked, can’t olive oil do it?
I asked him, what is the connection with olive oil in this message?
He said, I asked because I can’t do all these here. My neighbors will guess I am diabolic.
This is Ofeke for you!

is neighbors will guess he is diabolic. Tell me, am I the evil man or woman that came to drop that spell at his shop?

Isn’t the neighbor that would say?

Is it his mother in the village that did the spell and have to rob it on the padlock?
This is people’s problem. Why people are suffering today.

After some days, he called.
I didn’t have his number on my phone neither do I care to know who is on the line, therfore I answered.

He said, sir is me………. Who called last time from…….on the basic of what I encountered on my shop.
I concur!

He continued, I later met one man of God who came and prayed for me and asked I open the shop.
I did but sir after some days, I had a scratch on my body and each time I scratch it, it will rise up like a boil.

As I talk to you now, am somewhere at …….receiving treatment.
I have to let you know for the fact it is confirmed to be poison.
He continued: Sir, am sorry for not have headen to your advice, you told me.
He began to cry.
I cut the call!
He called severally, I refused to answer.

Haha GM don’t send when you turn his instruction down… i witness it

After some hours, his mother called me with a different number and started pleading saying his son told him all I perfectly guided but he refused to heed. She pleaded and cried. I asked her to stop crying.
Her son refused to do what he should have done because of what people would say.
Same people would call to know that he is today in a spiritual home receiving treatment.
They would say!
Would they not?

He refused to heed to the advice because it look diabolic, today he is receiving a diabolic treatment from a diabolic man.
Funny world!

He refused to heed to the guide so that he open shop to make sells for the day, today the shop is locked and market is still on.
Customers are still coming and going.
People would say!!

I asked the mother not to worry, it will only take money and time. Because they rushed in time. Let it serve him a lesson.

You that read, learn from others.
Light house of wisdom is where knowledge rules. We teach you in many ways to help knowledge of the truth
Angels guide!

Still on bitter kola.
You can use bitter kola for protection against poisonous attack. To do this, very early in the morning, before you drink water or eat any food. Get a seed of bitter kola, wash properly, get 21 seeds of alligator pepper. Insert on your mouth and chew together. Swallow them all.

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